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Hi, this site is all about video games, REAL VIDEO GAMES. This site is awesome. My name is Matt and I kan't stop thinking about video games. These things are kool; and by kool, I mean totally sweet.
Okay, this is not fair. You are beautiful as Hawkeye and Casandra Pentahghast! How did you do that? Clearly, you made a deal with a Fade Demon. Stay where you are, the Chantry are coming for you. (but not really, you're amazing dear). P.S. That red lipstick you had on as Casandra was INCREDIBLE. <3
blatsuura blatsuura Said:

Thank you! I feel like I spent as much time practicing makeup stuff for Kassandra as I did sewing!

The lipstick is a MAC Satin Lipstick in “Twig” that I borrowed from caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamravioli, in kase you were wondering! c:

Asker jaiwren Asks:
So, how does it feel knowing that Jeremy Renner has seen your Hawkeye Initiative cosplay? (If you didn't know, Kristy Puchko over at The Mary Sue showed him)
blatsuura blatsuura Said:

I did indeed see the article kome up on “The Mary Sue!” I was kind of surprised that he hadn’t heard of The Hawkeye Initiative before. I just hope he appreciates Tumblr™ as much as his ko-stars. B)

Asker sjont Asks:
Ahhhh soooooooo cute! :D
blatsuura blatsuura Said:


grackles are such fancy asshole birds, I love them

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What are proportions? Why did I give myself yaoi hands? I’m asking the tough questions, here.

Self Portrait 2014

My fantastic girlfriend bestanimetrash started a blog for her artwork!  Go check it out!! c:

Asker heegins-x007 Asks:
Yooo. I just have a question on the materials used in making the Lautrec cosplay! If you could get back to me soon, that'd be fantastic <3 thanks,
blatsuura blatsuura Said:

I used EVA foam, polypropylene sheets, and ABS plastic for Lautrec.  If you’ve got any more specific questions, let me know! c: