I love video games soooooo much!

Hi, this site is all about video games, REAL VIDEO GAMES. This site is awesome. My name is Matt and I kan't stop thinking about video games. These things are kool; and by kool, I mean totally sweet.


I’m selling my Angelic Pretty “Sweet Jam” jsk + headbow set in yellow for $200 shipped USD (US/Canada buyers at this time only).

I am the second owner and have only worn it a few times since I bought it nearly two years ago. It is in excellent condition, and I live in a smoke-free environment with pets.

Please pm if interested or if you have any questions


I’m also selling my Angelic Pretty “Whipped Showcase” ribbon jsk + otk set in yellow for $180 shipped OBO (US/Canada buyers only at this time).

I am the first owner and bought these items on sale at the San Francisco store. Each item has only been worn twice and show signs of wear.

Please feel free to pm if you have any questions or interested in buying.

PAX Prime was a lot of fun this year!  Here’s some pictures by N8Zim Photography of our Dragon Age kosplay! c:

arwendoll as The Inquisitor

knightcommandershepard as Tevinter Spirit Warrior

caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamravioli as Sera

blatsuura as Kassandra Pentaghast


PAX was really fun! A lot nicer than last year, and nobody broke my armor! : ]

Hope everyone else had a great time!

caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamravioli, megananncosplay and I had a great time at PAX Prime this weekend! c:


 : )

Glad to see everything done!

Yeah, see everyone at PAX! c:



I’m selling my Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate OP $280 shipped OBO US and Canada only. No trades. I ship from Seattle from a smoke free, cat and dog residing home. I am the first owner and the dress is in pristine condition.

I do holds with a 50% non-refundable deposit.

I will sell to the first person who gives me their paypal.

After the invoice is sent the buyer has 48 hours to pay. After that I will invoice the next interested buyer.

Thanks for looking!

Selling one of my dresses so I can feed myself next month ;^;

Asker silentstephi Asks:
Your Cassandra looks amazing! Did you ever figure out what to do about that artist braid or whatever she's got rocking in her hair?
blatsuura blatsuura Said:

Thank you!  I’ve been following your progress, too, and it looks great! c:

I tried of a kouple of different things for the braid, and I got the best result from literally pinning a length of decorative rope from the upholstery section at JoAnn in to my hair.  The kolor ended up really similar to my hair kolor, so it blends in enough in photos that you kan’t really see it at all, but it does change the silhouette of my hair enough that I feel like it’s worth it.


Sera update 5!! Pax is around the corner! Only a few things to do in the next week, but I’ll be busy!! blatsuura and I are pumped!!!

So klose!

caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamravioli and I are almost ready for PAX, but is PAX ready for Drag-on Age? B)

opheliarisen and I just got back from DisneyLand! c: